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Spiritual and Corporeal Selves in India: Approaches in a Global World

Tercera Publicación

This volume offers a number of images of contemporary India where glocalization is undoubtedly present. The twelve chapters included here provide different perspectives on the relationship between the corporeal and the spiritual, highlighting the union of both soul and body, which has been present from the very beginning of the Indian civilization.This volume offers clues to understand the differences and similarities that characterise the East-West encounter through artistic representations in the era of globalisation. It also enhances the importance of re-inscribing the fusion of the spiritual and the corporeal into the academic research agenda. In Western theory, the body has been arguably dismembered and separated from the spiritual. As such, this text opens up a range of possibilities to tackle and debunk the dualism of both the corporeal and the spiritual suggesting a rupture of the "logic" of binary thinking. The contributors specifically focus on Indian culture and analyse how we can empirically and theoretically reconcile mind and body in order to promote active and reciprocal exchanges among educators, students, researchers, social activists, and those professionally and spiritually engaged with Indian studies.

India in Canada, Canada in India

Segunda Publicación

This book is a collection of articles written by international members of the Spanish Association for Interdisciplinary India Studies, a scientific organization dedicated to the development of studies on India from an interdisciplinary perspective, and which seeks to promote cultural and scientific relations between India and Spain. It covers many areas of the Humanities such as literature, film studies, history, and literary theory from an Indo-Canadian perspective. The book is divided into two parts. Part I is dedicated to literature and literary criticism. While some articles focus on individual authors, others make a broad analysis of particular themes, such as the Indian diaspora in Canada from a feminist perspective, gender and power relations, or focus on specific locations such as the reconstruction of India in East Africa, the Iberian connection in Indo-Canadian diasporic history, and India in Canada within the historical and literary consciousness. Part II of the book includes several essays on audiovisual translation, film, drama, poetry as well as three pieces of creative writing by renowned Indo-Canadian authors.

India in the World

Primera Publicación

This volume uniquely gathers scholarly articles dealing with very dissimilar and kaleidoscopic perspectives on India. It provides an informative overview of the country, which has wide-ranging influences reaching far from India itself, since it has criss-crossed connections with many countries around the world. If read as a collection, this volume is witness to an interlocking network of ideas, attitudes and ideologies that emerge from the contemporary social and political world. The book, thus, highlights a variety of issues and the chapters promise to treat them with adequate justice. These features mean that this book can be approached by any person interested in India, given that it offers a diverse range of interesting topics related to the country. The reader glancing through the book will find themes spanning from the analysis of postcolonial literature written in English by Indian women, to sociological reflections on several diasporic situations, and from crossed influences between Indian culture and that of other countries, to the latest discussion topics in ancient Indian history, to mention a few.